Make your own Cat Pendant

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7,50 EUR

1 silver plated 1 inch 25mm round Cabochon Setting pendant + glass dome seal * Need: glue, glue brush, cleaning solution, piece of cotton, scissor! * No Necklace included! 3e Picture is a example how to do this: (with the ring) for the Pendant its the same way.

Levering: 1 - 2 business days within NL / outdoor NL serveral days
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TECHNIQUE: 1. If using a glass dome, clean with a little cleaning solution. 2. Cut out your picture to be glued onto the dome (leave an area around the image) 3. Place a dollop of glue in the middle of your art and onto the glass dome surface then straight away push the glass dome onto your print - pushing it down slowly so any small air bubbles flow out the sides. 4. Now using sharp craftrunner scissors trim around the edge of the glass. 5. NEXT Important step, after trimming the dome. Make sure you seal the back of the print by painting carefully and completely around the edges with Makers Glue. WAIT until DRY before glueing it into the CLEAN bezel. 6. Now take your clean bezel, make sure you know the angle you want to put you art at, in relation to the hanging loop, place a dollop of glue into the bezel and onto the back of the dome, push it in, let it ooze out the sides. 7. Now with a damp cloth clean up around the edge. 8. Let it dry and you’re done. Drying can take about 1 day.