Started 2012 Kattenmutsen on Facebook

On Facebook:
In September 2012 ben ik gestart met Kattenmutsen op facebook. Deze pagina is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een Kattensite met inmiddels meer dan 158.000 fans.
On Facebook:
Started on September 2012 with Kattenmutsen on Facebook. This page has grown to a popular cat site with more than 158.000 fans at this moment.
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Info :
Kattenmutsen: For everyone who's got something with cats. Photos and stories about your dearest cat are welcome.

In Dutch we call people "Kattenmutsen" when the like and adore cats very much, That's why this page has received this name.
For sharing your lovely,funny animal photos , albums on this page!
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Show your dearest cat to the world.